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Official Enrollment by Academic Level for Fall 2007-2011

Campus: Level: College:
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Campus: Duluth Level: All College: College of Pharmacy

Academic Level 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
N % N % N % N % N %
Professional 207 100.0 215 100.0 220 100.0 224 100.0 232 100.0
Total 207 100.0 215 100.0 220 100.0 224 100.0 232 100.0

Notes & Data Sources:

Undergraduate. Students pursuing programs leading to associate or bachelor's degrees.

Graduate. Students pursuing a graduate level degree or certificate (masters, doctoral, or post-bachelor's certificate).

Non-Degree. A student taking classes who is not currently in a program leading to a degree or certificate. Includes the previous categories of unclassified and adult special, as well as medical fellows and high school students enrolled under the Minnesota Post-Secondary Education Options Act.

Professional. Students seeking a post-bachelor's degree or certificate in the Duluth School of Medicine and the Twin Cities Medical School, Law School, School of Dentistry, and Colleges of Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine.