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Official Enrollment by Registration Status for Fall 2007-2011

Campus: Level: College:
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Campus: Twin Cities Level: Graduate College: All

Registration Status 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
N % N % N % N % N %
Continuing 10,590 74.8 10,683 75.2 10,569 74.7 10,373 74.4 3,169 23.4
Inter CT 6 0.0 8 0.1 10 0.1 8 0.1 12 0.1
Intra CT 445 3.1 351 2.5 443 3.1 387 2.8 7,272 53.6
New Graduate 3,044 21.5 3,083 21.7 3,055 21.6 3,097 22.2 3,073 22.7
Readmit 82 0.6 84 0.6 71 0.5 81 0.6 36 0.3
Unknown 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0
Total 14,167 100.0 14,209 100.0 14,148 100.0 13,946 100.0 13,562 100.0

Notes & Data Sources:

New Freshman. Student admitted to an undergraduate degree program at the University who has not completed any college level work after high school graduation. This is the University's definition of a new entering freshman.

New Graduate. New graduate student. Student admitted to a graduate degree or certificate program at the University for the first time.

New Non-Degr. New Non-Degree student. A NEW student taking classes who is not currently in a program leading to a degree or certificate. Includes the previous categories of unclassified and adult special, as well as medical fellows and high school students enrolled under the Minnesota Post-Secondary Education Options Act.

New Prfl. New professional student. Student admitted to a post-bachelor's degree or certificate program for the first time in one of the University's professional schools (Duluth Medicine, Twin Cities Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, or Veterinary Medicine)

New Transfer. New Advanced Standing. Student admitted to an undergraduate degree program at the University who has completed any post high school college level credits at another institution. This is the University's definition of a new transfer student.

InterCT. Inter-Campus Transfer. A student new to a campus, having previously registered at the same level at another campus of the University of Minnesota.

IntraCT. Student new to an instructional unit who has previously enrolled at the same level in another instructional unit of the University on the same campus.

Continuing. Student who has registered in the same unit at the same level in the preceding two academic years (previously defined as one year).

Re-Admit. Student returning to the University at the same level who has not registered for any term in the last two academic years.

Unknown. Not available. Information that could not be obtained from the student's record or the record did not fit into one of the above categories.