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Degrees Awarded by Degree Level for 2009-2013

Campus: College: Major: Degree Level:
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Campus: Duluth College: School of Fine Arts Major: Art History Degree Level: All

Degree Level 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
N % N % N % N % N %
Bachelor's 4 100.0 1 100.0 5 100.0 2 100.0 5 100.0
Total 4 100.0 1 100.0 5 100.0 2 100.0 5 100.0

Notes & Data Sources:

Reports based on degrees have five potential degree levels.

Associate. Only available from the Crookston Campus.

Bachelor's. Degree awarded for Undergraduate course work (ie BA/BS).

Master's. Degree awarded for Master's graduate course work (ie MA/MS).

Doctoral. Degree awarded for Doctoral graduate course work (PhD).

Professional. Degree awarded for Professional graduate course work (ie Juris Degree).

Reports based on certificates have three potential degree levels.

Pre-Bachelor. Certificate awarded prior to completing a Bachelor's degree.

Post-Bachelor. Certificate awarded after completing a Bachelor's degree.

Professional. A Professional Certificate