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New Freshman Characteristics: Fall 2016

This is the first iteration of the New Freshman Characteristics Report (previous New Student Characteristics). The report is now web-based as opposed to static PDF documents. The data are presented graphically by term or five-year trends. The old NSCR reports for terms Fall 1999 - Summer 2010 will remain available. The new format includes data back to Fall 2001.

The Trend Data reports contain a page which has graphically representations of various ranges of scores and rankings, as well as the mean and median for each data set. Clicking on the title of any of these graphs will render a larger version of the graph and a data table for the specific category. The Percentile and Statistics reports show all of the groupings for each of the categories so you can easily see the score distribution across a College, as well as other statistics.

View the data load table for details on the scheduled updating and staff contact for these data.

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