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Annual Measurement of Progress

The University of Minnesota's goal to become one of the top public research universities in the world requires evidence that objectively measures its status related to other top research universities. Embracing a culture of evidence throughout the University system requires the application of tangible evidence using quantitative measures to assess its movement toward this goal.

As noted in the 2007 report, Transforming the U for the 21st Century, the University of Minnesota looked system-wide at metrics and measures that would be manageable; accurately reflect strengths and challenges; and internally help monitor effectiveness and efficiencies in academic, administrative and service units and newly created strategic initiatives. Identifying and aligning meaningful metrics across all levels of the University is a challenging assignment; its success, however, is critical in evaluating the University of Minnesota's move to become a top-three public research university.

The "Annual Measurement of Progress" analysis provides a detailed snapshot of the University relative to the average of the Comparison Group for each measure.

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