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Student Data

Report icon. Official Enrollment Statistics

Enrolled Student Headcounts by Gender, Race/Ethnicity, etc. Fall 2001 to present. May Session enrollment is reported seperately.

Report icon. Fall Student Enrollment Pivot

Tool to view the last 4 Fall term headcount dimensions by Term, Campus, College, Level, Class, Ethnic Group, Gender, FT/PT Status and Registration Status.

Report icon. Enrollment Mapped by Home Location

Student Enrollment overlayed on a heat/intensity map. Data can be viewed in three ways: Normalized, 1 Year Difference and 5 Year Difference.

Report icon. Historical Student Headcounts

Twin Cities campus enrollment from 1867 to present.

Report icon. New Freshman Characteristics

Freshman ACT, SAT, High School Rank and Demographics. Fall 2001 to present.

Report icon. Official New Entering Freshman Graduation / Retention

NHS graduation and retention rates by cohort and years after entry.

Report icon. Degrees and Certificates Awarded

Degrees/Certificates Awarded by Gender, Student of Color (SOC) Group, CIP Code, and more.

Report icon. Undergraduate Student Peformance UMN x500 Login Required

Term/Cumulative GPA, Credits Completed and Credits Completed Percentage. Only current students (Spring 2010-current), faculty and staff may view these reports. Check your access UMN x500 Login Required.

Report icon. Student Financial Support

covers financial aid for all campuses, including an all campus summary, by student types, both undergraduate, graduate, and professional students

Report icon. Freshman Cohort Flow

Sankey diagram representation the flow of a new high school freshman cohort through the University system over time.


National Standard and Compliance Data

Report icon. Twin Cities Campus Factbook

Based on Common Data Set survey response.

Report icon. Student Right To Know Data

Higher Ed Act of 1965. Graduation rates for full-time, first-time, degree or certificate seeking undergraduate and student athletes that have received athletic financial aid

Report icon. HEOA - Graduation / Retention Rates by Federal Aid Group

Higher Education Opportunity Act 2008. Graduation rates by certain federal aid group categories including Pell grants, FFEL or DL Stafford Loan.


Related University Student Reports (ASR)

Report icon. Degrees Awarded - To Date

Degrees awarded to date by cohort and most recent college/major. Special permission is required to access these reports owned by Academic Support Resources.

Report icon. Degrees Awarded - Potential

Potential degrees awarded by cohort and most recent college/major. Special permission is required to access these reports owned by Academic Support Resources.